BMW’s new infotainment system and dash goes Touch Free 

is this the future of your in-car experience?

If youve ever driven a BMW youll be across its iDrive interface. Its a central rotary dial that is now in its fifth update. However the future of BMWs take on in-car control is about to alter dramatically, its called BMW HoloActive Touch.

HoloActive was essentially born at CES 2016 when BMW presented a panoramic display, operated like a touchscreen but with no actual contact involved. HoloActive goes a step further with a free-floating virtual display that is projected above the centre console. Using finger movements to control the system, the driver even receives tactile confirmation via an ultrasound source, in other words you will feel it even though youre waving around in thin air.


This will truly be an amazing thing to behold, I guess its like a hologram you can feel.


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