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Add this new feature to your dinner invite

We were invited to a dinner in Bondi recently. As part of the invitation we were asked to provide songs that we loved and hoped to hear on the night. In the past you’d bring a collection of CD’s or vinyls to play with friends, now thanks to the internet and music subscription services that is no longer required.

During the dinner we were introduced to a new plan between Sonos and Spotify, two giants in different areas of music. When you plan to invite friends over for dinner, add a link to a playlist you create and your guests can add tracks to the playlist for the evening ahead.


It’s really easy too, heading over to to create your Playlist, start the process by adding some of your own tracks and then share the link with your friends in their invitation. On the night, open the Sonos app, head to Spotify and start the playlist that you and your guests contributed to.

We experienced the idea in a real situation with mostly people we didn’t all know, it was great to hear people say things like “omg who suggested this track!” and raising your hand with pride. The right song selection could lead to singing, dancing and a more memorable night. There is nothing wrong with that now is there?



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