Google’s stunning timelapse satellite images of all parts of the earth

You can look at 32 years of progress at any part of the globe

You probably think you remember “way back when” but do you remember what buildings were there, what roads, do you really remember how things have changed?  Google has satellite imagery from around the world and have placed them together combined with images over time to create sensational timelapses for us to view.

You realise Sydney Airport only had two runways back in 1984 right?  Now you can see the third being built, as well as the new container terminal at Botany Bay.


Over at Homebush the Olympics weren’t even planned in 1984, yet over 32 years Sydney Olympic Park was built, used and is now developed further.


North Western Sydney has transformed from farmland to housing.


While over in Dubai – those crazy folks have built palm-shaped islands in the sea.


It’s stunning to look at the imagery over time – and best of all – you can do it for almost anywhere in the world.  Try for yourself.

For more information on the project and the images, head to Time for their beautiful story on the Google Timelapse imagery.

Progress people, progress.  It’s amazing to see.




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