EFTM Best In-Car Tech 2016: BMW 7 Series

Outstanding tech for driver, passenger and all on-board

When it comes to in-car technology, we’re coming along in leaps and bounds every year.  When we drove the BMW 7 Series the level of technology was mindblowing.


This is not just about the infotainment system, the stereo, or even the driver aides… The BMW 7 Series has gesture controls – you don’t even need to touch the console you can control things with a wave of your hand.


In the back seat there’s a tablet for the passenger to control comfort like seat adjustments the window blinds and more.

096A5842 Laser headlights guide the way, and they key – man this thing should win just for the key which has a small digital display on it!


Hands down the best in-car tech we’ve seen.



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