Australia’s best iPad deal? $619 for 128GB iPad Air 2 at Officeworks

call me crazy, but this seems ridiculously good!

When it comes to shopping around for Apple products, my standard advice is – there are no deals to be had, just buy where you can get a good deal on accessories for it.  Well that theory went out the window today when I noticed Officeworks have a stunning deal on an iPad Air 2!

Here’s Apple’s price on the iPad Air 2 128GB model:


To be clear, this is not a run-out model, not a one day sale, this is Officeworks‘ price on the iPad Air 2.  The 128GB model, listed at Apple for $719 is $100 less at Officeworks.  Yup, One. Hundred. Dollars.


Let me put that into perspective for you.

JB Hi-Fi: Two dollars off Apple’s RRP – $717.

Harvey Norman – Driving the big deals – $688 – solid discount, but miles away from Officeworks.


I’ve done your shopping for you – got get one folks.



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