Sony Playstation VR selling for double the price on eBay

when you're hot your hot on eBay - that's the test!

When Sony announced the Playstation VR formally earlier this year I knew from the moment I first saw it that it would be a hit.  This week, using it in my own time and my own home I was reassured that it was as great as I thought.  This being the first Games Console based VR system was always going to be popular – how popular? Sold out, and selling for big bucks on eBay!

The list price of a Playstation VR is $549.  EB Games, JB HiFi, Big W, Target – they’re all sold out.  There’s a remote chance a random store somewhere has one, but good luck with that.


Instead, if you want one soon, and by soon I mean before Christmas, eBay might be your best bet.


Listings have been appearing since early yesterday with the standard asking price being around $250 up from retail at $799, however in recent hours several have been listed at well over $1000.


Supply and Demand folks.  Supply and Demand.

If you really want it, I guess you can pay for it – if you’re not in a hurry but want to be part of the VR revolution, check into EB Games and get your name down for one of their future shipments from the factory.

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