Nespresso wants your used pods!

Use them, then send them back

While we’re all operating our Nespresso machines with one eye open in the mornings and desperate for that hot coffee, something else is happening. We are throwing used Nespresso pods into the garbage, they’re being transferred into landfill and this is not sustainable.

Nespresso and Australia Post

Now, without making this sound like a greenpeace pitch, Nespresso have a really simple solution for this recycling issue. Send them back.

Nespresso has partnered with Australia Post to allow you to throw up to 130 used pods into a satchel and into an Australia Post box. These pods will then properly recycled which is better for the environment. No need for a hippy movement, just a different way of disposing your used pods.

Australia Post and Nespresso

The satchels sadly aren’t free, but the postage is. For $1.90 these satchels hold 130 pods and the costs end there. Our suggestion is to throw a few into your next coffee capsule order and the rest is rather easy.



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  • Walter
    25 January 2017 at 1:58 pm
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    Thank you for highlighting the solution.
    We would like to suggest an alternate solution which gives full benefit to the Recycler with no ongoing cost of bags, posting and other resource hungry activities.
    The Nessie Press is a patented (Aussie owned) Hand Held recycler. This ingenious, stylish little hand-held device effectively recycles Nespresso pods! All you need to do is to open the NessiePress, place your used pod upside down in the NessiePress, replace its lid and press! In one action you’ve compacted the food-grade aluminium, and you’ve extracted the hugely versatile coffee grounds!
    here is a link to a video showing how it works

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