A Microwave for the man-cave: Frozen Meat pies ready to eat in 7 minutes

This is so cool I'm writing it just five minutes after eating the pie!

So here’s the problem – you’re hungry, there’s frozen meat pies in the freezer, but you don’t want to wait the 35 mins it takes to cook them nice and warm and crispy golden brown.  And over my dead body are we zapping it in the microwave.  Until now.


This is some kind of sorcery I’m telling you, so prepare to have your mind blown.  Yesterday on The Today Show I showed a large Microwave from Whirlpool – the Crisp and Grill.  To demonstrate its magical powers I fried an egg in one minute and fourty-five seconds, live on TV.

Today, in my man cave I installed a deep red version of the Crisp and Grill – lacking a couple of the features of the $499 model that I’d never use, this one is still able to do the core competencies of “crisp” and “grill”.


To put it to the test, I went for the Frozen meat pie.  To say this is a staple in my diet is an understatement, but lets just say there is always a pack of Sargents frozen pies in my freezer.

We took this beast out of the box, fired up the Crisp cycle for two minutes to heat up the pan.

When done, in went the frozen pie.

I tried the “Jet Crisp” feature, then realised that was a whole “smart cooking” approach based on certain foods, and quickly switched to a 5 minute “Crisp” cycle.


Peeking through the glass door the Pie was changing colour, and expanding a bit too.


Looking at a darker brown edge I grabbed it out and dug in.

I think I cooked it too much because the inside was more liquified than normal, but this was a first attempt and I’ve gotta tell you – in 7 minutes I got the best most crisp meat pie crust I’ve had in a very long time.


This thing is staying right there, it’s the perfect man-cave microwave! (oh, and yeah, you could get it for the Kitchen too and let the missus use it now and then)

You’ll find a white version of this very microwave at The Good Guys for $299!

Now, I know what’s for dinner:)

Web: Whirlpool



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  • Daryl
    25 September 2016 at 12:27 pm
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    Based on your testimony I purchased the JQ280IX from The Good Guys, I considered the one shown but was deterred by the 700 Watt MW as I used to have a 600 W one which was underwhelming. I also have the 1100 W Panasonic but canned food went splat unless I set to medium for half the cooking cycle.
    I too cooked a frozen Sergent’s which turned out fine but I didn’t do two things mentioned in your review. 1) I didn’t preheat. 2) I didn’t use the grille in the photo which is why it didn’t brown.
    Still it was crispy and edible and I used the Sixth sense function.

  • Wayne
    2 October 2016 at 6:06 pm
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    Trevor I hope this won’t mean too many more pies! Only for those emergencies like after a late night pod-cast or a particularly long Grand prix.

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