$80 Wireless earphones from 3SIXT: Bluetooth Studio Earbuds

sensational value, simple to use, good audio

As if magically in almost no time the world has gone Bluetooth headphone crazy.. Probably something to do with Apple removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, but hey – whatever gets us talking.


Bluetooth headphones are not new, they’ve been around a long time – but with the world’s attention on them it’s a great time to show off new products.

3SIXT have hit the market with a vast array of iPhone 7 accessories, but these Bluetooth Studio Earbuds are not just for iPhone, they’ll work on any smartphone with Bluetooth.


A single cable about 60cm long connects the two earbuds which magnetically snap together to activate their on/off switch.

Simply separate them and the power comes on.

Once paired, the sound gets cranking.


Volume was excellent, no issues there in fact I paired it back two notches from the top on my iPhone.

And overall the quality was good.  Not great for sure, but perhaps just a touch “tinny” overall.  For a walk to the shop or even a run (they were a snug fit) they are perfect.


At just $80 they’re not likely the first choice for regular travellers but would be great on the bus or train for the commute and they’re easy to find too – available at Optus, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and Telstra Stores.


3SIXT Bluetooth Studio Earbuds
Date Published: 09/23/2016
Bluetooth earphones, snug fit, great volume, good quality, great price. Just let down by a slightly tinny sound, otherwise excellent
4 / 5 stars



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