The $100 “Haute Dog”

There is always an extreme on any simple food, even a hot dog.

Generally a hot dog can set you back a few dollars, with onions, maybe a tad more. The simple hot dog has been recharged and re-priced by Maille Mustard. They’ll be selling a $100 “Haute Dog” at this years Good Food and Wine Festival.

The $100 Maille Haute-Dog, made with gourmet, Australian Peppercorn beef topped with fresh black truffle infused French mustard, resting inside a mouthwatering Brasserie Bread brioche bun, it’s one-of-a-kind.

I don’t see any mention of onion so I assume that is extra? If that doesn’t sound like it is worth $100 though, Maille is also giving you a specialty ceramic jar filled with 100ml of Maille’s fresh, black truffle infused French mustard which is worth $100 on it’s own. That’s special mustard!

So… who’s buying one?



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