Podcast: Two Blokes Talking Tech #261

Testing phones, Testing cars and we're live from the Walcha Road Hotel

Testing out the Sony Xperia smartphone range while driving the new Ford Mustangs to Trev’s Mum’s pub the Walcha Road Hotel – the blokes also talk Norton’s WiFi security solution, Netatmo’s weather stations for Weather Nerds and the future of the connected home – plus Samsung reveal the pricing for the Gear 360, LG’s thinnest ever TV is out now, Trev tests Dick Smith’s $300 4K TV and the rise and rise of SVOD services…


Trevor produces two of the most popular technology podcasts in Australia, Your Tech Life and Two Blokes Talking Tech. He has a weekly radio show on 2UE, as well as appearances across the country and regularly provides Technology Commentary to Channel 9’s Today Show and A Current Affair. Father of three, he is often found down in his Man Cave. Like this post? Buy Trev a drink!
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