Gumtree the new Trading post – now listing more cars online than any other

something to get the big end of town worried

Some of the biggest car websites in the country will be scratching their heads at the moment as Gumtree brags about their dominance in the used car listing market – more than and which are renowned as places to find a car online.


The Automotive category on Gumtree is growing – with more than180,000 total live car listings across Australia (Gumtree data 7/7/16), everything from bush-bashers to Lamborghinis.

Gumtree say they are serving 7.1 million unique browsers each month (Nielsen May 2016 figures), a staggering number by any measure – and it’s probably why the car section is growing.


Most of us can’t afford a luxury BMW or even a brand new VW from the dealer, so going second hand is a great way to get value if you know what you’re looking for.

Take a look at this data Gumtree provided to EFTM on the car listings on their website right now:

Some premium car listings in the Top Vehicles on the site currently:  
Make and Model Number of Ads currently Avg Price on Gumtree Ranking (based on supply)
Toyota Landcruiser 2002 4914 $25,710 3
BMW 3 Series 1896 $14,386 16
VW Golf 1892 $14,703 17

And if you think you can’t find everything you’d want there – try these on for size:

Some of the most luxurious car listed on Gumtree currently
Make and Model Number of Ads currently Avg Price on Gumtree
Lamborghini 3 $291,759
Ferrari F430 2 $240,388
Maserati GranTurismo 1 $189,990
Bentley Continental 4 $187,360



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