Election Sausage Sizzle – oh and Election results – Google has you covered

new Google Maps tool for election info

If there’s something Google does well – if not better than anyone, it’s capturing and displaying data for easy consumption, so with Federal Election Day almost here they’ve got us covered for the pre and post vote action.

Firstly, Google’s Election website simply and graphically displays all the Aussie electorates on their Google Maps platform, so you can easily zoom in to see which electorate an address is in, and in simple colours you’ll see who holds the seat today.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.35.44 PM

You’ll also quickly and easily see the candidates running in any electorate.

Zoom in further and you can find a polling place – even get directions there – but the real kicker, Sausage Sizzle data.

Last election we had Sausage Sizzle websites, telling us what was where – so when I heard Google had Sausage Sizzle data I was worried they were cutting the grass of those websites.  Not so, they’re getting the data from them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 7.44.03 PM

Democracy Sausage and Snagvotes polling place data will show up in results in Google’s Election Map (data will come as it’s added by the people running the sizzles and putting it into either of those websites), so you can choose your polling place based on their cake stall or Sausage Sizzle availability.

http://election.google.com.au is the place to go, now, and on election day.

After you vote, on Saturday Night – the site will update with real-time results information showing the swings and changes in our Parliament.


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