All new outage woes for Telstra on ADSL and NBN

the hits just keep on coming

They say “these things are made to test us” and by gee Telstra CEO Andy Penn must be thinking that once again as the Telstra network suffers another major outage.


This time it’s Telstra’s home or business broadband customers – specifically ADSL and NBN connected broadband customers.  If the amount of social media chatter is anything to go by it’s not a good look.

While Optus and Virgin have suffered short outages on their Mobile networks in recent days, the issue for Telstra seems to be the timing and duration of the outages.

Telstra’s most recent outage is affecting ADSL and NBN connected customers, interestinlgy there is no impact on their Cable customers (I’m one).

At this stage Telstra has issued no information relating to the cause of the outage, only a single basic message suggesting they are “continuing to restore NBN voice and data and ADSL services”

“The majority of services have been restored however we are still experiencing some customer impact.

 “While services are progressively restoring, we are continuing to investigate the cause of today’s issue.

 “We apologise to our customers for the impact this has had on their services.”

Looking at the complaints from users, EFTM believes the issue may be related to a firmware update issued last night or recently which is causing Telstra Gateway modems to reboot regularly.  We await official confirmation from Telstra.



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