4K on a disc is finally coming – Panasonic reveals it’s 4K Blu-Ray Disc player

is it Australia's first?

Panasonic today unveiled eight new Blu-Ray players for the Australian market from $149 being released over the next month or so – except one.  And one of those eight is the device many people have been waiting for – a 4K Blu-Ray disc player.

The problem is, that one that’s not available in the next month or so?  The 4K one.  It’s not coming until September, and we don’t have a price yet.

That’s a bit disappointing, especially given Panasonic are claiming this as Australia’s first 4K Blu-Ray disc player.  It’s the first to be confirmed for this market, but with months until it comes, and no price, there’s a big chance Samsung could throw a curve ball at them with an earlier availability – even with limited supply.

All that aside, this is exciting time.  We’ve been buying 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs now for several years – and frankly, bugger all people have even seen 4K content on their TV.

Yes, Netflix will stream in 4K, yes there is YouTube 4K but in reality – with our Internet, most people are getting a great big Full HD experience and on some TVs a great upscaling.

DMP-UB900GNK Lifestyle2

The DMP-UB900 4K Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray ready Player from Panasonic has a bunch of great tech inside generating not only great picture but also great audio.

Ultra HD Blu-ray is a Blu-ray Disc standard which not only supports 4K but also HDR – and HDR is the buzz word of 2016 TVs.

Panasonic Home Entertainment Senior Product Manager Maetham Roomi said “As demand for 4K video continues to expand, the DMP-UB900 offers a new video viewing experience for those who demand uncompromised quality in picture and sound, Not only is it certified as Ultra HD Premium, it reproduces images with cinema-level quality at home, using unique Panasonic technologies to deliver images that are faithful to the original. By raising video and audio quality, the DMP-UB900 means you can experience an overwhelming new world of pictures and sounds.”

As I said, no pricing yet, but it won’t be cheap.  The top price on the next best is $749 – this guy is going to beat that by some way.  Available in September.




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    Around $1299 go price and arriving as early as August

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