This is the cheapest Brand-new Tesla Model S you can buy

and its just for kids

Let’s face it, Tesla owners aren’t exactly on struggle street, so what’s an extra $1000 or so to add a second Tesla to the garage.  Perhaps for many of us, this is the only Tesla we could afford, and priced between $499 and $639 in the USA it’s a bargain.

Of course, the dead giveaway is that this is a “Radio Flyer” – long time car or toy fans will know that brand as the popular push-car maker going way back.  But they’ve teamed up with Tesla to create the ultimate toy car experience – right from the purchase to the drive.
As with your adult Model S, the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer  can be ordered online – pre orders are now open, though only for the USA (Booooo!!).  And the car can be configured, on a website that looks quite similar to that of the bigger brother Tesla vehicles.

tesla6Check this thing out!

Option up a better battery, choose the colour, even choose a personalised number plate and parking sign.

Oh, and of course, a car-cover too.

This thing looks the bees knees.  Plug in music player and two speed options with interchangeable batteries so you can just keep going, as well as a fast charge which is a first for an electric toy car.

Ok ok, it’s a bit of fun, but trust me there are plenty of Tesla owners right now working out how they can get one into Australia – aren’t you?



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