Kogan’s crazy mobile deal till the end of March

70% discounts?

How does 3GB of data for just $9 a month sound?  Pretty good.  How about 5GB for $11?  Awesome.  Well, that’s what’s on offer from Kogan Mobile as they look to boost their customer numbers and get more and more people sampling their service.

The discounts are only available until the end of March, so switch now, then one recharge in March, you can get yourself two months of crazy cheap mobile action.


Kogan’s plan here is simple – get people switching – because that’s the biggest stumbling block for mobile customer growth.  Once they switch, offer some great value, then hopefully the ongoing price (which is still pretty darn good) will keep them on the service.

Lets see how it goes.

If you’re keen – jump over to Kogan Mobile and order a SIM!  You will need to pay $4.90 for the SIM – so the deal is certainly best for those already with a SIM, but still awesome value for new customers.


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