Add a Lovehandle to your smartphone – yep, keep a tight grip

I'm not kidding

I always knew I’d come back from Las Vegas with more love handles, but I didn’t expect they would be stuck to my phone.  But at CES today I found a nifty little thing that half of you will laugh at, the other half will love – the Lovehandle.


Quite a simple concept really, it sticks to the back of your phone with a 3M adhesive, then the elastic band is tight to the back of your phone, allowing you to slip your fingers in to get a better grip, keep your grip in place, or perhaps hold it out in front of you.


Yes, ridiculous in many ways, but I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus, this is a big phone, and I’ve definitely dropped it now and then.

One way I do that is trying to use it one handed, stretching my thumb to hit what I need on screen. Almost impossible.


But with a finger or two through the elastic you’ve got a tight hold and all is well.

It feels strange on the phone, but then feels safe when I’m using it – a tough one.


I’ll want and see how long I keep it on the phone before making a final judgement, but I reckon it’s great.  In the USA they are less than $8, and at least one Aussie retailer (Officeworks) have expressed interest in the Lovehandle here at CES – so perhaps a $10 or $11 item soon in Aussie stores?

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