EFTM BEST 2015 – BEST Gaming: Logitech G29

get behind the wheel

This just had to win an award.  A hot tip for those keen on an EFTM Best Award – if it makes it into the homes of the EFTM crew as a regular use item – it’s gotta be good! After all, we get to play with some cool stuff, all the latest stuff, so we’re tough markers.  So, when the Logitech G29 Wheel for PS3/PS4 was plugged in, it was instant gratification.


A huge leap forward from the previous generation, and with a sibling available for XBox users – Logitech have shown they know their stuff.

Quite simply there’s not many better ways to control a car racing SIM than with the Logitech G29.


We’re lucky enough to have it strapped to a Red Bull Racing F1 Playseat, and have hammered a fair few laps around the F1 circuit and Project Cars this year.  It’s a winner.

There’s no way we’d hesitate to recommend a G29 for your racing rig.



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