EFTM BEST 2015 – BEST Sound : Grado SR80e

bang for your buck - literally

We’ve had most of the EFTM Best Awards for 2015 set in stone for a few months now, but frankly, it’s lucky we didn’t ship the winners list to the trophy gurus too early, because of a couple of late entrants who shot to the top of our favour.  This is one such award.  Best Sound.  Now, I won’t go into the names of those who were on the cusp, but lets just say some of the biggest names in Audio were being considered.  Until two weeks ago.


That’s when I got hold of my first pair of Grado Headphones.  Oh, My, Goodness.  Pure joy.

I honestly can’t award this to anyone else – and yes, it’s probably because the sound is so fresh in my ears, but more over it’s about bang for your buck.  The cost vs sound here was sensational, and for that reason alone, let alone the phenomenal actual sound quality – the EFTM Best Award for Best Sound 2015 goes to the Grado SR80e headphones.


Love them.



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