Manscaping is so big that Gillette has a new razor just for “Male Body Shaving”

yep, you read that right...

Instead of adding yet more blades (as predicted by “The Late Show” back when I was at school it seems Gillette is looking for a whole new market for Shavers.  Male Body Shaving.  Yes, those three words shouldn’t be spoken out loud – but they are the headline in the release announcing this new “Gillette Body” razor today.


Ok, so I’m not going to crack open the shaving gel and give this one a go, but for those that do want to shave down for whatever the reason, this seems a great option.

According to Gillette the rounded head is designed for “total body comfort”, while the three lubricating strips provide “outstanding glide”.


It’s actually bloody comfortable to hold which I guess would be critical given how long it must take to complete a “Male Body Shave”.

In store now, $10.49.  Go figure.



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