Amazing aerial photos of the transformation of Barangaroo in Sydney

see it change in crystal clear photos

There’s something awesome about aerial photography.  Once the domain only of those with access to planes, helicopters or those mini blimp like balloons, now days we can see these amazing angles from our own drones, and from our own desk or tablet using internet mapping services.  That’s why these photos of the transformation of Barangaroo are so fascinating.

High resolution photography taken across Sydney and places around the world by allow users of the service to flick back through time to see how an area has changed.

A project like Barangaroo is a slow and hard to measure process as you watch it happen, but when you quickly flick back using photos like the below you can really take in the transformation that has occurred.

Here’s the images from oldest to newest.

1. Barangaroo Dec 2010 -

1. Barangaroo Dec 2010 –

2. Barangaroo July 2012 -

2. Barangaroo July 2012 –

3. Barangaroo Nov 2012 -

3. Barangaroo Nov 2012 –

4. Barangaroo April 2013 -

4. Barangaroo April 2013 –

5. Barangaroo Aug 2013 -

5. Barangaroo Aug 2013 –

6. Barangaroo May 2014 -

6. Barangaroo May 2014 –

7. Barangaroo April 2015 -

7. Barangaroo April 2015 –

8. Barangaroo July 2015 -

8. Barangaroo July 2015 –


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