Huge range, great battery – Sol Republic Tracks AIR headphones – review

There are a couple of things about wireless headphones you might often overlook when it comes to buying and what you will soon realise is just how critical they...

There are a couple of things about wireless headphones you might often overlook when it comes to buying and what you will soon realise is just how critical they can be for your own enjoyment of the experience.  Sol Republic and Motorola have addressed these two issues among others with their new Tracks AIR wireless headphone.


I’m talking about battery life, and range.

In many or most wireless headphones you get 5-10 hours play-time. The Tracks AIR headphones have a 15 hour battery life – something Sol Republic refer to as “incredible” and I have to agree.

Pair that with a staggering 45 meter range and you’re starting to hit territory that is uncharted among the many in the market selling either in-ear or over-ear headphones.


I know range doesn’t seem important, but when you’re at home or the office it’s almost insane that a walk to another room might mean losing your music.  With the Tracks AIR headphones on, I could walk upstairs and into almost all rooms of my home – normally I’d struggle to make it more than a room away from the phone.

And with regular use, often on the train or bus to work, wireless headphones can leave you wanting when the battery drops out on you after a few days back and forth.  With these, you’re getting a week with a breeze on the commute.

They are light on the ears, although they have a small circumference so they do sit on and push on your ear – if you prefer the full over ear experience these aren’t for you.


In keeping with other Sol Republic headphones the headband is interchangeable for those looking for a bit of colour matching in their life – though I’m not sure life is really that serious to warrant this feature – is it?

You’re looking at $299 for these babys and the sound won’t disappoint – rich in range, not quite so heavy on bass as others you may find – it’s a good mid range sound experience.


Gunmetal and Horizon Blue colours are available at Harvey Norman, with JB HiFi, Dick Smith, MOVE and Tech2Go stocking the Paper White and Fluro Red versions from this month.

Sol Republic Tracks AIR
Date Published: 07/10/2014
Comfortable headphones, great sound, excellent battery - well worth consideration
4 / 5 stars



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  • John
    11 July 2014 at 1:22 pm
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    Do they only connect to the source using bluetooth, or is there a base transmitter/charging station with a mini plug? The website suggests the former but is a bit light on detail.

    • Trevor Long
      11 July 2014 at 9:57 pm
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      Actually, great question John – Yes, they also have a standard cable for wired attachment also.

  • anonymouse
    11 July 2014 at 2:36 pm
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    They are just okay. If want a better sound and features and a more comfortable fit try Jabra Revo. At the same price or cheaper if you look around. With standard cable as well as USB connect and charge, Bluetooth and NFC syncing. control your iPhone/Pod from the headset and an excellent microphone for making calls or using Skype.
    I to like the Sols but after trying Jabra, well lets say if Sols are rated 4/5 jabra have to be at least 6/5.

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